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Amartya Mondal

Full Stack Developer

About Me

Hello, I am Amartya Mondal, full stack web and app developer. I am son of Nikhil Chandra Mondal and Anamika Mondal. I have rich experience in making websites and apps with their backend. Also I am good at

  • Web
  • Android
  • Blockchain
  • Web Scraping
  • Scripting Automation
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Javascript
  • kotlin
  • java
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Django
  • php
  • NodeJS
  • Machine Learning
Downlaod CV

What I do


I am passionate to explore the field of Blockchain. Being a beginner in this field I have very less knowledge. But, I am learning it at a high pace to reach high position soon. I have ambition to continue my future in this field.

Web & App Developer

I develop websites and apps that creates an impact in the society. I develop it in passion. Also, I do projects of web and apps of open source community, college fests, clubs, etc. I did my GSoC in 2019 in an Android App.

API Making

Writing API's in php and NodeJS has interested me a lot these days. I do write API's for the web and app projects that I do, whenever needed.

Technical Skills

Android(Java & Kotlin)
Web(HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap)
Backend Langauges(PHP, Django, NodeJS)
Database (MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDb)


BTech From IIT Patna


I am currently pursuing my studies as a Mechanical Engineer in a premium institute of my country.

Higher Secondary From Amrita Vidyalayam


I pursued my Higher Secondary Education from a Premium institute name Amrita Vidayalayam, located in the Durgapur.

Schooling From Amrita Vidyalayam


I pursued my Primary and Secondary Education from a Premium institute name Amrita Vidayalayam, located in the Durgapur.


WhatsApp Bot

April 2020 - present
I have started developing scripts, that acts as a WhatsApp Bot. I have developed script to spy on the online times of a friend, send automatic reply, send multiple messages to a user. More such bots are under development. Stay tuned.

Digital Identity

February 2020
I have developed a system where one person has one identity. Every information about a person is stored in the Hyperledger Blockchain. This increases the work efficiency, also enhances people to have a better use of their digital assets.

Road Management System

December 2019 - present
Currently I have started working on a project problem that I have received in Inter IIT Coding Hackathon. The project deals to solve the problem related to develop a system to monitor roads their complains, conditions, reports, etc.

SUSI.AI Android Client

Integrating susi smart speaker with the android app.

Shabd App

An educational app for the autism patients.


Website for the Techno-Management fest of IIT Patna. The project is still under Construction.

Celesta2k19 Utilities

Making the utility app and API's for digitializing the college fest.


An app used to connect all the alumnus of IIT Patna.

NSS-Webpage & NSS-Datas-App

Official website of NSS unit of IIT Patna and an app to get all the updates of forms in the website.


Official website for TEDx IIT Patna.

Anwesha2k19 Android App

Android app for the Techno-Cultural fest of IIT-Patna.

Work Experiences

Developers Student Clubs - IIT Patna

August 2020-Present
Overall Lead
I will be leading the DSC IIT Patna team for the 2020-2021 session. I hope me and my team would be able to bring some positive chnage in the society with our work.

3rd Prize at Coding Hackathon in Inter IIT Tech Meet 8.O

December 2019
I along with my team members secured 3rd position at Inter IIT Tech Meet 8.O in the event Coding Hackathon for proposing a model that would solve the problem of road maintenance and complains system.

Mentor at GCI'19-20 from FOSSASIA

Mentoring the GCI students from FOSSASIA Organization.


March/2019-August/2019 (Freshman Year)
Student Developer in Fossasia Organization as a part of GSoC'19 student.

Developers Student Clubs

2019-August 2020
Departmental Lead


  • Secretary
  • Web And App Developer

Web & App Developer at Celesta2k19

Develop website and app for the technical fest of IIT-Patna.

Web & App Developer at Anwesha2k19

Develop website and app for the cultural fest of IIT-Patna.

Web & App Developer at SAAR

Develop and maintenance of the android app and website of SAAR.

Web & App Developer at NJACK

Sub-coordinator of the club.

Loading the details about the pull requests, issues opened and commits made by me.

Recent Portfolio

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  • Inter IIT Tech Meet8.O
  • Developer's Student Club
  • NSS-IIT Patna
  • GSoC
  • Others

Tribute to the society

Society has given me a lot. Being a faithful citizen of India, I should contribute for the nation as much as I can. To help the people of society and do something for the welfare of the people of the society I joined the nss team. THough I stay busy with my professional skills, but I always try to find out some time to do good for the society.

I know the society has given me a lot. Its my time to do something for the society. My parents always suggest me to be good to everyone and always help the needy people. His words are really precious.

  • php
  • html
  • css
  • android
  • java
  • kotlin
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Django
Live Demo

Taking class of village childrens.

Part of the youth day event.